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Paint & Fabric Protection


Pollutants in the atmosphere will progressively erode your paintwork, leaving black streak marks and stains or worse making the colour appear dull and faded. More serious damage is happening on a microscopic level, with the smooth surface of the factory applied finish being attacked leaving it pitted and receptive to dirt. The vicious cycle leads to a rapid degeneration – in months rather than years – and explains why your caravan or motorhome becomes harder to wash over time.

What is Leisure Paint Protection?

The hard, high gloss protective skin that Diamondbrite creates prevents road salts, traffic film, acid rain, tree sap, insect fluid and other atmospheric pollutants from contacting directly with your cars paintwork. Diamondbrite comes with a guarantee which gives cover against colour fading, as well as from damage caused by bird droppings if washed off within 7 days. Once treated with Diamondbrite, you’ll never have to polish again. Your vehicle will look as good as new, thereby improving its resale value. Another major benefit of Diamondbrite’s high gloss finish is the ease with which Black Streaks and Moss is washed off the paintwork making the vehicle much easier to clean.

Diamondbrite’s Unique Pro System Protects Against:

Diamondbrite gives unrivalled protection from damage caused by UV sunlight, acid rain, atmospheric pollution and gives initial protection against bird lime.

UV Light

Tree Sap

Bird Droppings

Insect Fluid

Road Grime, Salts, Traffic Film & Tar

Acid Rain & Other Atmospheric Pollutants

Temperature Cycles

Fabric Stains

How does it work?

Diamondbrite is a two stage process; the first stage cleans, prepares and adds the initial first stage protection to the painted surface ready for the second stage application.

Fig 1.

Magnified paint cross section reveals pitted pores of the painted surface.

Fig 2.

Dirt gathers in pores. Nitrates attack outer edges.

Fig 3.

Stage 1 – Cleanses and fills pores in the vehicle’s paintwork leaving a smooth finish.

Fig 4.

Stage 2 – Bonds with Stage 1 to create a hard protective skin while also leaving a smooth high lustre finish. Rain and dirt now run off

Interior Protection

During the Diamondbrite Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible resin based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains.
Diamondbrite Fabric Protection has been successfully tested with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, alcohol, milk, fruit juices, cola, fizzy drinks, chocolate and grease from foodstuffs. All of these were repelled by the treated fabric and either passed straight through the weave without staining or beaded up allowing an easy wipe away.

Take Home Pack

After every Diamondbrite treatment you will receive a complimentary Take Home Pack*. The contents may vary but will include some or all of the following:

– Shampoo; Conserver; Upholstery cleaner; Window Cleaner; Waterless Wash and Wax (clean your Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan without water), Screenwash, LCD Touch Screen Cleaner, Lift Off, Jumbo Sponge, Micro Fibre Cloth, and Terry Towel.

It’s all you need to keep your Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan treatment looking its best.

*Contents may vary – please ask your dealer for details.

Need to get more? Our full range of aftercare items is available for purchase on our online store, click below to find out more.

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Aftercare Product Videos

For guides on how to use the products found in your take home pack, please take a look at our instructional videos below.



Waterless Wash & Wax

Window Cleaner

Upholstery Cleaner

Wheel Cleaner

Black Streak Remover

Cleaning Caravan & Motorhome Exterior

Cleaning Caravan & Motorhome Interior

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